Close your eyes and stop thinking about your appearance for a while. It's not that hard, believe me. We all are different and that's perfectly okay. We must be different otherwise the world would be boring and gray. We all are parts of a big rainbow; beautiful amazing rainbow.
But when someone insults another person for their appearance, our rainbow gets hurt too. Our poor rainbow. We should stick together, praise each other, give each other compliments, not divide our community according to how we look like. Wake up people. Your appearance doesn't matter, what really matters is how we think, how we feel and how we behave - moreover, how we behave to each other.
Now open your eyes. What do you see? I see a beautiful smart and brave person. Beauty isn't something you could take from someone, it's not an object. We all are beautiful in our own individual way.
Never forget that.

Self-esteem & Insecurity

There used to be time when I wasn't confident at all. I was just a sack of tears, insecurity and fears. Saying that now I'm completely sure about who I am and that I'm satisfied with myself, would be a lie. A huge lie. No one is ever satisfied, because we're always trying to reach something more, to be anything more. Or anyone. Why? 
I'd say the reason is that we all have our own problems, troubles or issues, and we can never get rid of them. We need to fight the whole life against them. In my opinion a person with enough courage to fight can be labelled as confident. Insecurity is, on the other hand, when you give up, fall down on your knees and let the others to rule your life. But you can never say if you are self-assure enough, because self-esteem isn't a circle or a square where you start at some point and at some point reach the end. The point is there isn't any end. It's a neverending and always changing scale, line. 
This whole thing depends on s…


I really think we prefer the romantic love over everything else. What about the love we feel towards our family or friends? Where is the strength of friendship? Even friendship can have a real power. I mean at least half of people I know believe that friendship is the basic stone for romantic relationship. So it must be strong. Then why are we underestimating it so much?

I'm just really sick of hearing the same words over and over again. "Just friends". "It's just a friendship". Just? Why just? What is wrong with having a friend? What happened with us? We shouldn't underestimate the power of friendship, we should treat it the same way like other kinds of relationship - especially the romantic ones. Friends are people who know you, help you, trust you and never betray you. Their hug is worth everything. They would never let anything hurt you or step between you and them. Friends are always there for you no matter what. Isn't it enough? It should be. F…